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Wrapping and Sewing!

ahhh, i continue soaking up all the goodness of this lovely Christmas season. my roommates and i are having a little gift exchange on sunday and we’re all so giddy about our time together. our Christmas tree has been a hit! all our visitors love it, and i must admit- walking down the stairs every morning to the glorious smell of the tree is just so wonderful.

speaking of gifts, i have always loved the wrapping part. i remember one year i wrapped ALL the presents for my family. maybe that’s where my love for paper began… but Christmas is just another opportunity to get creative with packaging. i have not wrapped a single thing yet this year, so i have nothing of my own to show. but here are a few images with amazing ideas:

via birch and bird

via cakies, check out that happytape!

you HAVE to check out the post on design sponge! they have a great section on wrapping…


well, today i also wanted to share my exciting news- my latest crafting tool… a sewing machine!! :) :)

it was shipped to my parents house in northern california, so i haven’t had the chance to use it yet. but i am so anxious to get home and get sewing (and see my family, of course)! i have been brainstorming all of the things that i’d like to sew! here’s a few ideas:

via bedbuggs

via sewingwithme3

via shopdirtsa

via dottieangel

and i’d like to make curtains, stitch on paper, make seat cushions- oh the possibilities are endless!! i am just so excited! i don’t know how to sew, so i have A LOT to learn! any of you sewing pro’s- i’m open to any and all advice. my grandma and my aunt are both very talented, so i hope to learn from both of them. i also am looking forward to browsing around barnes and noble for an instructional book. i will keep you posted as the projects come along… it might be a rough start, but i’m looking forward to a new crafting challenge :)

8 days until Christmas!

*next up- creative, last minute, DIY christmas cards!


pics from my phone

welcome to the new layout, if you haven’t seen it yet! wordpress informed me that they were retiring the former layout (or something like that), which i was pretty bummed about. but i got the chance to change things up a bit, which can be exciting :)

i don’t have anything wild or crazy to post today. i just thought i’d share some pictures that i recently uploaded from my phone. i have been having some issues getting my pictures from my phone to my computer, but for some reason- today, it worked. some of the pictures are a bit old, but i hope you enjoy them!

still in love with ranunculus from the flower market… soon they will be in season again!

i had a fun time at the pumpkin patch with lovely friends. i won’t lie, i’m a bit sad that fall is ending and winter is nearing. don’t get me wrong, i can’t wait for Christmas… but i just wish the fall season would last a little longer!

our delicious pie from last Thanksgiving! excited to see (and eat) what’s in store for this year!

“it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” these are the gifts i gave to my family last year. i think i could spend more money on wrapping decor than gifts :) is that terrible??

and my dad bought the movie White Christmas to get us into the holiday spirit! i’m looking forward to family time watching it… but can it really already be here?!

last but not least, it’s always great to come home :)

there you have it! some oldies, but very good-ies! this is kind of a fun post :) might have to do more of these…

i hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. i am thankful for so much in this season of life: my beautiful family, roommates to journey with, studying a field that i’m passionate about, opportunities to create, this humble little blog that i adore, and a God who is absolutely faithful through the big and small.

[what are you thankful for this year?]

ps- i have had a few people ask about Christmas decorations and what i will blog for the holiday season :) i love it!! i am brainstorming some things now, and i can’t wait to share them with you all!