the adventure

–> what’s this blog thing all about anyways?

i decided i needed a place to share my art. it’s not fancy. it’s just me. my heart and soul are expressed through paints, pictures, words, and so on. i have found art as a way to process my thoughts and feelings, and to practice self care. i write in order to help myself move through the process.

my prayer is that this would be a place to find inspiration and comfort in knowing that life isn’t perfect. i hope that you find this helpful in your own art journaling experience. and that this might give you peace of mind seeing that art can be created in many different ways. my goal is to share, challenge, and inspire. i pray that you might find those things here.

who am i? good question. i’m figuring it out slowly, but surely. i am a twenty-something, ready to take on the world. i am unsure, unable, and plain unrealistic at times. but i am learning to actually live my life instead of sitting on the sidelines, watching it pass before me. i am learning what it’s like to give myself grace and the importance of a deep breath.

please feel free to leave comments and ask questions! i would love to hear from you!

– kristen


4 responses to “the adventure

  • Morgan

    I love you. I see this blog and it reminds me that I am best when I am me, and there is no shame in appreciating this great gift God has given us called life…so thank you :)

    • Nicole

      Hi Kristen,

      So we never talk, and actually, we don’t even know each other anymore, but when I ran across your blog, I cried. Because after all of these years, I still love you. Of course I do. And my journal is almost my life in a book, and everything I love, hate, grieve, rejoice in, inspire, neglect is in there. I plan to keep reading your amazing story of life and maybe, if it is God’s plan, reconnect with a long lost friend. I hope that graduation brings you everything you ever hoped for, and beyond the sadness there is joy, because God loves you :) and has a bigger plan for you than you have for yourself.

  • Nina Mills

    I thought I would read your blog after seeing you had an update. I love all your crafty ideas and now just need a good tree for all the mason jars I have that did not get filled with jam this summer as I planned! I am trying to do an art journal, I was inspired after an evening with Kayla. I am so far from being totally artsy in my journal, but I am getting started by just writing in crazy directions. You know, you gotta start somewhere. I hope to stop by more often and get inspired. God be with you and speak to you more than you ever imagined.

    • kkbishop

      nina!! thanks so much for checking out my blog! i would love to hear more about your art journal. kayla’s is absolutely beautiful, she does such a great job! i wrote a lot about art journaling in previous posts, check them out if you get stumped :) and great way to start- sometimes writing upside down and with a different pen is all it takes!
      hope you are well. your girls are absolutely beautiful! can’t wait to hear how things go for you. many blessings and much love to you!!

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