Wrapping and Sewing!

ahhh, i continue soaking up all the goodness of this lovely Christmas season. my roommates and i are having a little gift exchange on sunday and we’re all so giddy about our time together. our Christmas tree has been a hit! all our visitors love it, and i must admit- walking down the stairs every morning to the glorious smell of the tree is just so wonderful.

speaking of gifts, i have always loved the wrapping part. i remember one year i wrapped ALL the presents for my family. maybe that’s where my love for paper began… but Christmas is just another opportunity to get creative with packaging. i have not wrapped a single thing yet this year, so i have nothing of my own to show. but here are a few images with amazing ideas:

via birch and bird

via cakies, check out that happytape!

you HAVE to check out the post on design sponge! they have a great section on wrapping…


well, today i also wanted to share my exciting news- my latest crafting tool… a sewing machine!! :) :)

it was shipped to my parents house in northern california, so i haven’t had the chance to use it yet. but i am so anxious to get home and get sewing (and see my family, of course)! i have been brainstorming all of the things that i’d like to sew! here’s a few ideas:

via bedbuggs

via sewingwithme3

via shopdirtsa

via dottieangel

and i’d like to make curtains, stitch on paper, make seat cushions- oh the possibilities are endless!! i am just so excited! i don’t know how to sew, so i have A LOT to learn! any of you sewing pro’s- i’m open to any and all advice. my grandma and my aunt are both very talented, so i hope to learn from both of them. i also am looking forward to browsing around barnes and noble for an instructional book. i will keep you posted as the projects come along… it might be a rough start, but i’m looking forward to a new crafting challenge :)

8 days until Christmas!

*next up- creative, last minute, DIY christmas cards!


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5 responses to “Wrapping and Sewing!

  • Your Father

    Wow, My mind went somewhere with the SIT pillows – the H pillow must have fallen behind the couch (sorry….)


    I think you should feature the “Bishop-style” of wrapping goodness! ;-)


  • Young Wifey

    I love the Scrabble pillows!!!

  • Mariko

    I love teaching young gals how to sew and still often do. If you want to come by and let me walk you through the basics and get started on a project, just let me know. I’ve got my sewing room all set up and ready to go! You know how to find me!

  • Kelsey

    =) I’m so excited for you to get a sewing machine too! The possibilities are endless…

  • Kaycie

    i love all these possibilities Kris. I cannot wait to see it all in action! Also your trader joes cards look too cut-ie. i love the tall and narrow one. i love having such creative roommates! come back to me so we can inspire eachother. love you.

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