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inspiration: home

as some of you may know, one of my roommates and i spent the last month without a place of our own. our lease ended in june. most of our belongings were put into storage. and the rest in our cars and suitcases and bags. we were both very fortunate to have friends and family members to stay with while living in the “in-between”. but as of today, after over 3 months of searching, i am so proud and incredibly thankful to say- we have a home. and there is so much peace as i type those words.

welcome to our humble abode.

a place that greets you warmly, with a red door and roses.

a place that we are beyond ready to settle into.

a place to continue journeying through life.

a place to sit and just be.

i think i’m still in shock- we have a home!! i am ready to unpack and unwind. i am ready to cook meals in my kitchen. i am ready to have the space for friends to stay late and catch up and do art and drink wine and laugh for hours and share stories and dream big and watch live unfold and …..

home is a place i have taken for granted. i spent a night reflecting on what home meant to me. and processing through a few experiences that have challenged my belief of what home should be like. i was given the space in a dear friend’s home to sit in all the feelings and emotions about home. about not having one here. about the luxury of living in a home. about 2 boys that deserve a better home. about how un-sweet homes can be. and about how blessed i have been to have a positive experience with the word- home. i needed that time and space to sort through so much of what had been going through my head and my heart. and it’s funny how the Lord works- the morning after, we found our home… i praise God for faithfulness, grace, love, and a sense of humor.

so with all that said- tomorrow begins the process of moving into our new home sweet home. and i couldn’t be more thankful.


inspiration: mason jars

i’m not sure where this love for mason jars came from, but for some reason i can’t get enough of them. there is something so simplistic, yet stunning about them. and they can be used for so many different things! i browsed through some Flickr pages to find some jar inspiration and ideas…


i love the idea of using jars to hold different craft supplies… crayons, markers, paint brushes, buttons, and other embellishments. maybe one day i’ll have a huge craft room with mason jars full of all my goods… okay, i’ll keep dreaming.

Mackeson [away]

mason jars also make great cups! they seem so southern and sweet. i love big cups that hold lots of ice to keep my drink cool.  don’t you wish you were drinking lemonade out of that glass?


if the ranunculus weren’t enough in this picture, they’re in a mason jar on top two great suitcases. just about every flower (except for maybe roses, but those are so generic. or classy ? take your pick) looks good in a mason jar. but ranunculus and mason jars- perfect combo. think i might move here.


hanging mason jars look amazing! the way they shine at dusk is indescribable. i love that these jars in the picture have some twine wrapped around them. so pretty. so that dream house with the craft room- include these too. hanging above my wrap around porch… oh a girl can dream, right?

feeling crafty, but unsettled with out a place to call home. so this post will have to do for now…

updates: wedding, chalkboards, and planner

what an amazing and incredible week!

my beautiful, best friend Anna married the oh- so- wonderful Samuel Potter (check out his website!) on friday. i had so much fun with anna getting ready for her big day. we got to do a few crafty things together, but unfortunately i didn’t get pictures of it all of them. we put together all her favors in a vintage-looking planter box, made a journal out of an old book for her guest book, and got a chance to use the chalkboard paint for some signs. i LOVED the chalkboard paint and can’t wait to use it for more projects. i snapped a few pictures of our painting process for the wedding signs:

with the busyness of the wedding, i didn’t get a picture of the signs on display. but i took a screenshot of one of the signs from the wedding video.


speaking of the wedding video, anna’s (now) brother-in-law has an awesome videography company (cana video production), they put together a breathtaking video from the wedding. you can check out the video, as well as some of the pictures here. i could write an entire blog about how great their wedding was- beautiful, perfect, intimate, lovely, inspiring… there truly aren’t enough words to describe it. but i think i’ll let the video and pictures speak for themselves. i wish anna and sam a lifetime of love, grace, and trust for all that God had in store for them. congrats again!

oh goodness. and now on to the planner… in the midst of the creative juices flowing from the week, i decided to do another month in my planner. i used scraps of paper from my mess of a collection. i really like the bright and bold colors. and the rub on butterfly and flower inspired me to use another rub on design for the front of my planner.

well, i think those are the only updates for now… it has been a great week at home filled with lots of creativity and beauty. now it’s time for me to head back down south to continue the search for a place to live, a job, and accomplishing more on my summer to do list!

inspiration: chalkboard paint

my planner is a slow and steady process. i don’t want to do too much at once. so as i’m putting that aside for a little bit, i’m getting excited to create something with the oh so fabulous chalkboard paint. i’ve known about it for a while and have been so eager to use it for a project. sidenote: using chalkboard paint is one of the things on my summer to do list…

i have no clue what i will make with the paint, but here are a few images to give you some ideas of the endless possibilities:

via pour toujours

via NEGS26

via Beautiful Rescue

via christayayaya

via campsprinkel

via AJthePurple

via anthropologie

okay, i think you get the point. there are SO many crazy-awesome things you can do with chalkboard paint!! this week i’m helping my beautiful friend, Anna, make chalkboard signs that will direct guests to her wedding. i’m excited to get a chance to use this paint. and so stoked for Anna and Sam’s big day. it’s going to be nothing short of amazing… the wedding that is ;)

pictures to come! hope you’re feeling inspired!