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planner update

well, i have been working on my planner and wanted to show you all the progress i’ve made :)

it’s coming along- slowly but surely. so far, i’m really happy with it. i am loving the handmade look and feel of the whole thing. drawing in all the lines has been a little tedious, but i knew that was going to be the worst part. creating the rest of it has been really fun! here’s a peek on my june pages:

my lines aren’t perfect, the measurements are uneven. and that was something i had to give up right away… this planner will not be perfect. this planner will not be perfect. i have to keep reminding myself of that. this is a fun project that will be special because of the time and creativity i put into it.

it’s hard to make all the months look different. i’m trying to space out how many pages i “decorate” at once. otherwise, they’ll all look the same!!! there’s not a whole lot to do in a 2 x 7 inch space! but i bought new paper yesterday and i’m really excited to use it! so hopefully the new paper will bring some new inspiration. here’s the july page:

i’m using different colors and different types of pens to write in it. that was one of my “OCD issues” in my last planner. i had a really hard time writing with a blue pen when the majority of my planner was written in black pen. so now i’m using ball point pens, gel pens, markers, and lots of colors! i have to make a confession- i’ve already marked all my internship days in red… my justification- it is the one consistent thing in my week! but i will have you know, i have used the red marker for other things in my planner aside from my internship :)

i know, i have some crazy obsessive issues- i’m trying to break them! i’m sure people that stumble upon this blog, or this post think i’m absolutely crazy. it makes me giggle a little to think about it. oh well! we’ve all got some issues, right?

hope you enjoyed the pictures! let me know what you think :)

ps- i’m having lots of fun with my new mac, can you tell?


summer project #1- planner perfection

i thought i’d let you in on my first summer project… it’s not on my “to do list”, but it’s something that will be a pretty big challenge to me. for those who don’t know, i have a deep, deep love for my planner. i’m very attached to it. and i LOVE writing things in it. it’s 100% ridiculous- this planner only fuels my issues with perfection and control. i can make my planner perfect and i am in control every little detail of it. i use white out, i color coordinate events, i even used the same pen for a while. here’s a glimpse of my pretty planner:

now all that to say- my planner is running out of days and is a bit worn out (hence the staples). and my pretty little piece of perfection will be gone and probably for the best. now this means a new planner is in the works. and this time… i’m creating the entire thing. aside from the actual book, although that’s on my summer to do list, so maybe i should have made it! i started with a plain, spiral-bound sketchbook, no lines, and i am making my new planner. i figured out all the line spacing and have started drawing in the lines. here’s what it’s looking like:

i know that i’m in for a HUGE challenge. filling in all the lines is not going to be fun… but i’m really looking forward to decorating the pages and the different months. this is just the beginning of a long project! and now i have this blog to keep me accountable to finishing. Lord knows i’m great at starting things and never finishing.

so here’s to a new planner and a new project! i’ll keep you posted on how it’s going!

inspiration: happytape

summer to do list #5- buy from

just so you get an idea, here is happytape :)

image from happytape

this masking tape is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. it’s called “japanese washi tape”. in little research that i’ve done, i found that washi paper is made with many different materials, including bamboo, rice, wheat, and fibers from tree bark. the paper is used in traditional japanese art like origami and also used to make clothes and household goods. and also used to make amazing, colorful tape!

image from happytape

i cannot get enough of all the colors, designs, and sizes. i could go crazy with all this tape!! some of you may already know about my love for regular masking tape… this washi tape is like heaven. check out the happytape blog for more tape and some ideas for how to use it.

one of my favorite blogs did a great picture spread on a ton of ways to use washi tape. click here to see the full post- it’s totally worth it!

i am hoping to buy some washi tape of my own… but until then, i’ll just keep dreaming :)

okay, well i hope you enjoyed my first short, non-art-journal post! still testing the waters here…

blog makeover…

well, it’s been… FOREVER since my last post.

and i have no excuse- i have no job, not in school, got nothin’ to do.

i think i’m just in need of a little makeover for my blog. a new look, a new feel. i’m thinking about putting up more recipes and pictures of delicious foods (like below). thinking about posting more of what inspires me. and posting about little crafty things that i do here and there.

i guess i just feel that while blogging my art journal has been amazing, i want to do more. i am having a hard time keeping up. trying to create new art journal pages, just so that i can blog…? something’s not right with that. my thought is to blog about other passions. and also to write some shorter posts and be okay with that.

so, we shall see what becomes of this humble little blog. but for now, i leave you with my crafty summer to do list. i’m curious as to how many of these things i will actually do, but it’s worth a shot :)