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summer daze…

how did i go from four posts in one month to zero in the next? i guess you could say i’m enjoying my summer break!! well, with an ever so gentle “um, blog please” comment on facebook- here i am. ask and you shall receive, sabrina :)

this past month has been crazy. after i finished my semester, kaycie, hayley, and i had to emotionally gear up to say goodbye to our dear roommate kelsey. kelsey landed a job as rehab nurse in her hometown in WA. it was a very bittersweet moment, as we were ecstatic for her to start her career, but sad to see her go. we knew that our little home would be missing a significant piece. so with all that, we thought we’d go out with a bang and throw a fun, summer, backyard “see ya later” party for her. kace and i made these little invites out of paint samples:

here’s a little peek at our party decorations:

we kept the theme of the paint samples and went all out! i bought a big circle punch, we used the paint samples and old scrapbooking paper to make the big garland. we used leftover circles with doilies to make another little garland to go over the food table. below is a picture of our table of treats: mini-cupcakes, cakeballs (or “cakepops” as they are more commonly called…), bruschetta, watermelon, strawberries, homemade taquitos, and pita chips with humus. SO many delicious things! and then to top it off, we had a “build-and-BBQ-your-own-skewer” station with teriyaki chicken, zucchini, pineapple, and peppers- it was a hit!!

so that was the party! it was a blast having everyone here. we strung lights up in our tree and hung paper lanterns from the tree as well. the party ended with a dance party in our living room- complete with iPhone strobe lights… kelsey’s party could not have been any better. ps- she started a blog :)

okay- after the party, it was time to get ready for the wedding of one of my closest friend’s, miss amy, and her mister, brandon!!!! the whole week beforehand was so fun: hanging out with friends, sabrina and nichole, driving to SLO, royal treatment at the apple store (after shattering the back of my iPhone- tragic), wine tasting with friends, time with my family, and then of course- the beautiful wedding :) i didn’t get any great pictures at the wedding, but one of my best friends’ husband, samuel potter, was the photographer and took some amazing photos. check them out! that weekend, sam also shot a few quick pics of my family from one of our iPhones, pretty great!

after being in SLO, i was able to spend time with my family up in northern cal. i took a handful of pics up there, but i won’t bore you with them. i will just say that i have been truly blessed with an amazing family and i cherish every moment i get to spend with them. my week and a half at home flew by. and before i knew it- i was back on the road, heading to SoCal. but the beautiful thing is, i’ll be returning home numerous times throughout the summer for other wedding events and festivities. it’s another summer of love and marriage!!

well, that’s the latest and greatest in my life. it’s been a whirlwind of a month. can’t believe july is already around the corner. i’ve still got big things to take care of this summer, including: internship applications, moving, and finding a new job. yikes. i’ll save that till tomorrow though :)

i leave you with this little print i found on pinterest (aka the most addicting thing on the planet). i am a bit of a pinning junkie. it’s bad. if you’re not sure what it is, you’re probably better off ;) okay, if you really wanna know about it- check it out and let me know if you want an invite…

but seriously, i just love this.