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here comes the sun…

what a crazy week and a half it’s been! but i’m happy to say that it’s been a REALLY great week and a half… last weekend, i had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with my closest girls and we had the time of our lives. three of the girls are now married and two of the girls live in northern california- so needless to say, we don’t get a lot of quality time together. but spending the weekend in lively, Las Vegas was the greatest get-away. it would take too many blog posts to re-cap the whole weekend, so i’ll just highlight a few favorite moments:

we were so excited to finally be in Vegas- we had been talking/planning for weeks and i can’t tell you how many times we said, “i can’t believe we’re actually in Vegas?!”. we walked around a few hotels on the strip and did our fair share of people-watching. there are some CRAZY people in Vegas!

it seems as though there are two reasons to go to Vegas: drink and gamble. so, without any experience in gambling- i thought i’d give it a try. i had a few dollar bills in my wallet, so why not? i played penny and nickel machines and had no clue as to what the buttons meant, what credits were, how many lines i should be playing, etc. the only thing i did understand was: when there were still credits and i wanted money back, press “cash out”. so i played a dollar, hit a few buttons, and before i knew it- the machine is making noise, the number of credits goes ups, and i could only bring myself to hit that glorious button, CASH OUT! i won $5.50 and that was the highest of our group. after i won that, i played one more dollar and called it quits. i like the “play $1, win $5” ratio. not the “play $1, loose $1″…

another favorite moment was seeing LOVE (the Beatle’s Cirque de Soleil show). a few of us grew up listening to the Beatles- thanks to our dads. so not only were the acrobatics amazing and stage props and scenes incredible, but the music had sentimental meaning to us. it was tear-jerking as the songs we knew came to life through dancing, flipping and flying, colors galore, and creative energy bursting from the stage. the whole production was absolutely phenomenal. i would see it again in a heartbeat. as most of us have had experience as a performer, there was this deep appreciation for all that was happening- the coordinating of props, the timing of jumps, and the immaculate design of the whole theater. basically, i really enjoyed the show- if you couldn’t tell! :)

so if a vacation in Vegas wasn’t enough, while driving there, i got a phone call with a job offer at Sephora! in the last post, i had briefly mentioned a new potential job. i hadn’t heard much at that point and was hesitant to say anything. but now it is official!

 i am so excited to be working in such a fun and creative environment. working at a place like Sephora has always been a little dream of mine. i never thought it would be realistic, but at this exact moment in life- it’s perfectly fitting. i can’t wait to learn from my team and to dive back into the fun and diverse industry of beauty. here’s a picture from day 1 on the job, complete with newspaper nail art!

last but not least, we finally have our housing situation figured out! it has been quite the process, but thankfully the process is coming to a close. we have officially signed a lease, received our keys, and started moving in! tomorrow is our big move-in day! and while it’s going to be a long, hard day- it will be great to be in our new place! here it is:

well, that’s the lengthy update! i’m so thankful for a God that provides. and am continually reminded that i can’t do things on my own. as much as i try to control what will happen or how things work out- God shows up time after time with a plan that surpasses my expectations. where would i be without Him?! so while i’m not 100% sure of the meaning in the song by the Beatles, i feel that it’s completely appropriate at this point… here comes the sun and i say, it’s all right... i listen to this song and a peace comes over my heart in knowing that i am taken care of by the Creator of the Universe- no more stress, no more worry. little darling, the smiles returning to the faces… 

and that’s it for today- i’m off to Seattle at the end of the week! between packing, moving, unpacking, and repacking for vacation… life will be a bit busy! but after vacation will come the new home decor and DIY projects, so stay tuned!! :)


hope in the advent season

i really felt the need to write all this in a separate post, as it was unfitting with the last… but i spent some time art journaling and listening to worship music tonight and was feeling so heavy thinking about situations of dear friends. i spent some time in prayer, and as tears fell and my heart ached, i found myself thanking God for His faithfulness. times are really tough for a lot of loved ones in my life- but i believe with my whole heart that God is in control. i believe that nothing is impossible and nothing is too hard for Him.

this song by Tommy Walker has been one of comfort and one that has brought me to my knees. i pray that these words meet you where you’re at. download the song on itunes or listen to it on youtube, but please listen to it. it’s amazing.

Lord I run to You
No one else will do
Lord in troubled times I will run straight to You
Though my heart and flesh may fail
You’re my very present help
My tower of strength
My portion evermore

Lord I run to You
No one else will do
Lord You said we’d face trouble pain and fears
But to be of good cheer be of good cheer
For You have overcome overcome the world

I lift my eyes up to the mountains
Where does my help come from
It comes from You Lord
You are the Maker of earth and Heaven
And there is nothing that’s too hard for You


i got to thinking and reflecting on the advent season we are entering into. this is the season of Christ’s coming. and He came to bring HOPE. in this first week of advent, we are reminded of that. God did not have it easy coming into this world. but His coming meant hope for every single one of us.

and while times are more challenging than we could ever imagine, i pray that we would all cling to the hope of Christ. He absolutely loves and adores you. as it says in Ephesians 3, His love is longer, wider, deeper, and higher than we can fathom. i pray that you can grasp that love- a love that surpasses knowledge. and that you are strengthened in your inner being by His power and Spirit. God is in control. nothing is impossible for Him. and He LOVES you more than words can describe. may His Spirit dwell in you and bring whatever it is that you need deep in your soul. amen.

gentle reminders

hello blog world… it’s been a while. school was pretty crazy for a while and i’m now home sweet home for spring break.

coming home always brings an array of emotions. joy and comfort of my parents and this bittersweetness of missing life at school, but enjoying the break away from it. then there are the memories that invade me and my room here, pictures and trophies, and just stuff from childhood and on… reminders of how life has changed, how it has grown, and how parts of it even remain the same. i need reminders like these to keep me motivated and encouraged.

i’ve always been a person that needs reminders. growing up my mom had to ask me to do something a number of times before it actually got done (still true), i write things in a planner to remind me of events and other things, i even keep old cards and notes of encouragement just so i can re-read them to be reminded of the love that i am surrounded by. it is so easy to get lost in the busyness of this world, that it’s difficult to remember how much someone loves you, let alone where you were supposed to meet a friend for coffee and the ten things you need to do after that.

reminders come in all different forms: abrupt reminders, reminders that are found after being sought out, and those that are gentle and contemplative. i’m focusing on the last for now… i think there will alway be something sweet about this house i grew up in. there are peaceful, calming, and grace-filled reminders surrounding and comforting me.

is there a place where you feel these things? a place that brings you peace and comfort? what gentle reminders do you need to hear in this moment?

as i am home this week, i am reminded of deep, deep friendships that have grown, changed, and remained over time. friendships that have not been easy, that have seen true tragedy and heartache, and that have seen redemption, grace, and love. i am also reminded of family that loves deeply within and stretches far beyond the walls of this house. this family that has loved and cared for individuals far and near, that brings others into our home and into our hearts, that sits around the dinner table belly-laughing at each others quirks and corny jokes. as i am here, i am reminded that i am blessed. i am loved.

thank you home for these much-needed, gentle, and beautiful reminders.