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martha stewart and mother’s day

is it obvious that i’m ready for summer break?! 3 posts in the past 7 days!! well, God has brought me through another week. one step closer to a summer of freedom :)  check out the skinny on all that here… i’m thankful for His unending mercy and grace as i can only take things one day at a time in this program.

this weekend i’m looking forward to lots of celebrating! graduates, moms, and birthdays- it’s going to be lots of fun! without much time for homework… so maybe this blog post is making up for the lack of time i’ll have next week.

so, mother’s day is just around the corner and i’m sure none of you are as behind as i am in card-making, gift-getting, and dinner planning ;) but just in case you ARE a little behind, there’s hope! yesterday i picked up this little gem, filled with some crafty ideas…

confession: i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Martha… she’s got some GREAT ideas, but she is WAY too perfect. some of her crafts and DIY stuff are ridiculously hard and they never turn out looking like hers. or her design team’s, rather… anyways, there were some mother’s day ideas in there:

this little newspaper is SO cute. maybe i could get by with doing one of these this year :)

coupon books were my go-to gift as a kid. my mom still tells me that “when i was a good daughter…”, i used to giver her coupon books for foot massages. she just recently found an old one that she’s taunting me with. mine, of course, never looked this professional- but still a great idea!

above images from Martha Stewart

okay. and this pop-up card?! RIDICULOUS. i would like to attempt this, but have a feeling that i would get frustrated and quit :) so we’ll see what happens when i make my card… probably later this morning!

all of that to say, Brett, a very good friend of mine, got together with some of his friends and made a mother’s day cards together… a card-making party?! why didn’t i think of that? these guys (and gals) are in a DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) program, and therefore brilliant! just can’t compete with those docs ;) well, these lovely friends made amazing mother’s day cards and i had the honor of receiving text message updates on the progress of the cards. i have to admit, i loved that they were all together, hand-making cards. and i was VERY impressed by all their card-making-skills! check them out!

here they are! should have gotten a group picture, but here’s the outside of the card created by Brett. please take note of the three-dimensional flower and the weaved basket, this is serious business. i honestly think i’ll be taking these things into consideration as i’m making my cards!

the inside of the card- aren’t you impressed?! (sidenote, not that guys can’t have artistic ability, because they ABSOLUTELY can- but this was made by a GUY! i think that his mom will absolutely appreciate his handmade thoughtfulness) here are a couple others:

with a true love and appreciation for all that is handmade, i think these cards are awesome. i love the thought and creativity that has gone into them. and love that they spent time together in the process. way to go guys! (and it’s lovely to meet you via blog if you’re reading!)

i think my roommate kace and i are going to work on a few cards today. with all the celebrating- it’s a busy card season! hope you found a little card-making inspiration today. and realize that it doesn’t take expensive, intricate craft materials to do so. plus handmade card/note/gift, is much more heartfelt- don’t you think? i’m definitely inspired and ready to break open the craft drawers. and maybe read a little bit of this in the meantime…

all the talk about moms, had to give my mom a little shout out: mom- i’m celebrating and thanking God for YOU this weekend. you have been a beautiful example of a Godly woman to me. thank you for your tireless hours of work and constant love, support, and encouragement to me, dad, and lauren. you are simply amazing! i love you!!


trader joe’s bag: part 1

well, this all started off as a bit of a joke… but as time went on, i thought this was actually a pretty fun idea! i’m starting a “mini-series” (if you will) on the things you can do with a trader joe’s bag. after all, it says right on the bag: “reusable and recyclable”. these great, sturdy bags have come in handy for numerous things lately. and i thought i should share with you!

the first DIY: a christmas card! the bags have been re-designed for the winter season and i love all the doodles and pictures on them. since i love paper and hand-making things, i thought- instead of buying a bunch of christmas paper for cards, i’m going to buy one set of christmas diecut embellishments, use the bags, and some other paper/embellishments i have sitting around. so today i present to you… my trader joes christmas cards :)

this look familiar??

here’s the side of the bag!


and the final product…

well, what do you think? not too shabby, huh? the back side of the cards still have some of the trader joe’s logo and stuff on them. but that just lets people know that they are truly handmade and recycled :) these cards are pretty quick and easy to make. so if you don’t have a lot of time or maybe you need to deliver a “belated” christmas card- try one of these! they would be great with a plate of homemade cookies or tied on top of a little gift box…

one last look…


christmas is in three days! holy smokes!!! i’ve got a few gifts to wrap… oh, and a christmas tree to get! my family’s house doesn’t quite match the christmas spirit of the house my roommates and i live in :) my family has come up with this tradition in which my sister and i get a tree a few days before christmas. last year we got a “charlie brown tree” and are hoping to do the same this year. our motto- go ugly or go home. so we’ll see what we can find and muster up before christmas morning. i’ll keep you posted!

well, this is probably it before the big day- so MERRY CHRISTMAS!! may love, peace, and joy be with you and your family this season…


*next post: my first sewing lesson :)