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it’s been a year!!

holy smokes. it has been a whole year since this blogging adventure has taken off! and i have to say, from day 1- i have had nothing but love, support, and encouragement. so thank you for all the great comments and feedback. my desire was for this to be a place where i could process through art journal pages and maybe inspire a few others along the way… but along the way, i have been inspired by so many others and this has turned into much more than art journal pages.

celebrate! via KikiLaRu on etsy

this past year has been one full of challenges and triumphs. celebrations and mourning. and growth. and change. and growth, again. but that’s what this adventure called life is all about, right? it’s not the easy life or the fun life, sometimes it just plain sucks. and somewhere along the line, each of us realize that. the dictionary describes an adventure as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. or even “the exploration of unknown territory”. as each step of life changes and continues, it is an adventure. it is unknown and unusual, yet exciting as we each experience what is new.

and while i continue to stand eye-to-eye with change and the unknown, a few things remain.

  • God’s faithfulness and promise to not give us more than we can handle (although at times it seems we are at our breaking point, He is ever present).
  • my family loving, caring, understanding, and sometimes silly family.
  • my beautiful and gracious roommates (check out my roommate’s blog here– it’s so great!).
  • amazing friendships that have lasted longer and grown deeper than i could have ever known.
  • and this great passion to create and appreciate all that is handmade.

so thank you, THANK YOU, thank you for support and encouragement along this journey. and here’s to another year of the adventure!


colors and dust

i haven’t posted anything from my art journal in months, so i thought i’d share a little bit of what’s been going on lately…

i finished my beloved art journal the other day. i did one last page and then felt like i needed to light a candle to commemorate the year dedicated to this journal. here’s the page i did:

i spent some time reflecting on the past year. i hold so many memories in these pages- times of joy and sorrow, challenges and growth. this life we live is full of vibrant colors and awe, there are such sweet moments of celebration and love throughout the pages. and yet there is a dust that is left behind that fades, but never quite disappears. this year was one that stretched me in so many ways and the experiences will stick with me throughout my lifetime. i have learned so much this past year and know that there is still so much ahead of me. finishing this journal was a mix of feelings: sad, accomplished, proud, nostalgic… but i also could not wait to start what was next. i feel like the process of completing this journal was a great metaphor for where i am in life right now as i finished my undergraduate career and am moving on to pursue my master’s degree.

so as i’m moving on in school and life, i’m also moving on to a new wonderful, beautiful journal.

this beauty was given to me by my dear friend and mentor Kristin Ritzau. it is another Sabrina Ward Harrison journal and the timing for it couldn’t be more perfect. i started this new journal the same night i finished my other one…

i am ready for this new year. the life rhythm that i have completely memorized is beginning to change and it’s a bit scary. but i know that this new rhythm will be full of surprises and great memories. and i also know that so much of what i have learned in the past will need to be re-learned and re-visited. but, i’m off and on my way. i have so much to celebrate in this new chapter- praises for an incredible graduate program, so thankful for this lovely house, blessed by my gracious and beautiful roommates, and this great excitement for all that’s to come.

i guess you could say i am right where i’m supposed to be in this adventure called life…

inspiration: home

as some of you may know, one of my roommates and i spent the last month without a place of our own. our lease ended in june. most of our belongings were put into storage. and the rest in our cars and suitcases and bags. we were both very fortunate to have friends and family members to stay with while living in the “in-between”. but as of today, after over 3 months of searching, i am so proud and incredibly thankful to say- we have a home. and there is so much peace as i type those words.

welcome to our humble abode.

a place that greets you warmly, with a red door and roses.

a place that we are beyond ready to settle into.

a place to continue journeying through life.

a place to sit and just be.

i think i’m still in shock- we have a home!! i am ready to unpack and unwind. i am ready to cook meals in my kitchen. i am ready to have the space for friends to stay late and catch up and do art and drink wine and laugh for hours and share stories and dream big and watch live unfold and …..

home is a place i have taken for granted. i spent a night reflecting on what home meant to me. and processing through a few experiences that have challenged my belief of what home should be like. i was given the space in a dear friend’s home to sit in all the feelings and emotions about home. about not having one here. about the luxury of living in a home. about 2 boys that deserve a better home. about how un-sweet homes can be. and about how blessed i have been to have a positive experience with the word- home. i needed that time and space to sort through so much of what had been going through my head and my heart. and it’s funny how the Lord works- the morning after, we found our home… i praise God for faithfulness, grace, love, and a sense of humor.

so with all that said- tomorrow begins the process of moving into our new home sweet home. and i couldn’t be more thankful.

blog makeover…

well, it’s been… FOREVER since my last post.

and i have no excuse- i have no job, not in school, got nothin’ to do.

i think i’m just in need of a little makeover for my blog. a new look, a new feel. i’m thinking about putting up more recipes and pictures of delicious foods (like below). thinking about posting more of what inspires me. and posting about little crafty things that i do here and there.

i guess i just feel that while blogging my art journal has been amazing, i want to do more. i am having a hard time keeping up. trying to create new art journal pages, just so that i can blog…? something’s not right with that. my thought is to blog about other passions. and also to write some shorter posts and be okay with that.

so, we shall see what becomes of this humble little blog. but for now, i leave you with my crafty summer to do list. i’m curious as to how many of these things i will actually do, but it’s worth a shot :)

a journey through the arts

i would like to say that i have always been appreciative of art… i began dancing at the age of 6 and that was a form of art for part of my life. i don’t know that i actually believed it was art, but other people said it was- and i believed them. unfortunately the beauty of that artistic expression was ruined by the competitive nature of the “dance world”. never being good enough, thin enough, flexible enough, etc. i think dancing became more of a chore or a task as the years went on. i don’t blame anyone- it was just the way things happened. i was never self-confident and i always had something to work on. the lifestyle was exhausting and slowly became something damaging rather than good. over time, i parted ways with dancing. it was not an easy decision and leaving came with plenty of emotional baggage.

after ending the dance season, i decided to go to the complete opposite side of the physical activity spectrum and play water polo. this was an incredible boost in my self-confidence. finally a place where i fit in and was successful. i wouldn’t say that water polo was artistic, but it was fun and it was something different. but without any art, i had to find some sort of outlet. this is when my makeup phase came in. i LOVED (that might be an understatement) everything about makeup. i didn’t think that i looked ugly without it and i was just fine leaving the house without makeup. i simply enjoyed putting it on-mixing colors, putting light and dark shades on different parts of my eyes, and creating something so unique. i quickly became the makeup artist for every prom, ball, special event, and senior photo shoot. i loved it. i found it a challenge to apply makeup on someone new, i saw each person’s face as my blank canvas and i was ready to paint. i loved it so much that i actually did my high school senior project on how women used and wore makeup throughout the 20th century- crazy, i know… told you “loved” might be an understatement.

my makeup obsession phased out when i started college. i was too lazy to put it on every morning and only a few friends knew how much makeup i really owned. as that phase ended, naturally, another one began… this phase was the world of Sabrina Ward Harrison and art journaling. i was fascinated with her work and the creative expression she had. i made an attempt at art journaling myself and things took off from there. looking back at these seasons and phases of life, i realized that art has been an incredible part of who i am, which is why this quote from Picasso stands out to me. i believe it is so true of my own life, “art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” art is not limited to any one thing and that is the beauty of it. whether participating or admiring, i hope that you are able to find what types of artistic expression wipes away the everyday dust in your life. maybe it’s the creation of a beautiful meal, taking a walk to appreciate the spring flowers, listening to or playing a musical instrument, dancing or moving your body, appreciating cinematography, applying makeup, or creating your own art page/canvas. whatever it may be for you, my desire is that you find joy, peace, beauty, and rest in something artistic that is out of the ordinary from your day to day life.

thoughts on graduation: what? it’s over?! but there’s life to come…

may 8, 2010 has come and gone so quickly. graduation was incredible.

with the stadium filled with thousands of friends and family, the class of 2010 could not have had more energy. as we lined up on campus, groups of friends clumped together filled with jitters and excitement for the moments to come. professors and friends came by, talked with us, took pictures, said their congratulations and went on their way. we lined up in what was supposed to be a single-file line and marched in to that stadium with pride and a sense of accomplishment of the last 4 years. as we were walking, we kept saying to each other “what are we doing here?!”, “how could this be happening?”, “where did these last 4 years go?” and “why the heck are we wearing these obnoxious hats and enormous gowns?!” we were in shock.

the graduation itself was pretty great. i was trying to soak in every moment, but it wasn’t easy. i was highly distracted by a professor cooking up hot dogs near me. and then zoned out a little bit when 600 names were being called and i was in the last 30… but all that said, walking across that stage was one of the greatest feelings ever. i shook President Wallace’s hand with a big smile and went back to my seat with my diploma (case) in hand. that was it- i graduated. with one last prayer and a giant cheer from the entire stadium, i left that night as a college graduate.

this has truly been a time of celebration. while it’s been very bittersweet, i am excited to move on. i’m ready to keep learning, to continue pursuing my dreams, to build on old friendships, and create new ones. i feel like i have come to an understanding on a few things in my life and know that there are still parts that need a lot of work. i have learned so much about myself and about the woman i am and want to be. i am ready to step into this new stage and so excited to see what it brings. this is not the end, it’s really just the beginning.

graduation is not doom’s day and it’s not the end of everything fun. i’m tired of hearing about the horrible economy and how hard it is to find a job. and while that is a harsh reality, i think most of us just need a moment to celebrate. we GRADUATED… from COLLEGE! we are less than 1% of the world. and that is something to celebrate! we have survived some tough papers and brutal tests. academically, we have learned A TON. and in life, these past 4 years have changed us forever. there have been experiences that we wouldn’t change for the world. and friends that will stand by each other for a lifetime. this is a time to celebrate. so here’s to finishing well, to creating more fun times, and to living this adventure called life.

thoughts on graduation: denial, then reflection, then tears

this month has been so strange… graduating in 10 days and i think i’ve felt every emotion possible.

i’ll be writing a little bit in the next week or so, to try and continue to process all that’s going on in my head. i have done some art journaling through some of this, but it has been mostly journaling. know that in art journaling: your journal is your own. write, paint, tape in pictures, or include all aspects. keep these things in mind and remember that it’s okay to journal in your art journal. the pages that you’ll see in the next week #1- have a whole lot of text and not a whole lot of art,  and #2- have been done along this process of coming to grips with reality… so bare with me :)

so here’s the story: i came back to school after spring break in denial about graduation. i actually stayed at home an extra day because i think i secretly thought i could push reality away if i tried hard enough. well, obviously that wasn’t going to work. so i made the long drive down the I5 alone, which turned out to be great. i listened to my brand new Wicked soundtrack (thanks Mom and Dad- it was one of the most incredible shows i have ever seen), and i found myself bawling my eyes out at the song “for good”. so much so, that i almost pulled the car over to try to pull myself together. but instead, i moved over to the slow lane and took some time to take in the lyrics of the song and let the tears slowly run down my cheeks… feel free to listen below:

all i could think about was the last four years. the incredible friends that i made my first year here, the great friends i have made in the last, and all those in between. people that i have had small encounters with, people that have challenged me, that have taught me, speakers that i have had the honor and pleasure of listening to, the list goes on. i suddenly became quite reflective and very emotional about leaving this place. this place that i came to 4 years ago, knowing only one or two people. this place and these people have been transformational in my life. and in the words of the song above, “who can say if i’ve been changed for the better- i do believe i have been changed for the better. but because i knew you, i have been changed for good…”

created on april 1, 2010

i want to say, “i don’t mean to get all emotional on you…”, but i have to be honest. that’s kinda where i’m at. like i said earlier, i have experienced a whole range of emotions over this thing called graduation- but for now, in this moment (and the moment on the I5) i feel… sad. i know that i will still see many of these friends after graduation. but the whole experience of college is over. and i am so thankful for every person that has been a part of that experience. so from the bottom of my heart dear friends: thank you for being you and for being a part of my life- no matter how great or small. you have made an impression upon my heart and i carry you with me.

more experiences and reflections to come…