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productively unproductive

hellooo april! how are you here already?!

the time is seriously FLYING by. anyone with me? well, as i’ve talked about in the last few posts, grad school is crazy busy right now. each week, it feels like the researching and writing is never ending. and i guess that’s what grad school’s all about… but it’s so hard to stay focused when the sun is shining and new blogs are discovered and everything within me wants to do ANYTHING but homework. and well, to be honest- today was one of those days :) i had every intention of finishing another assignment, but i just didn’t have it in me. so i decided that i was going to blog instead!  here’s what i researched and created today:

an anthropologie inspired collage!! (click to enlarge)

now you all know exactly what i am drooling over, so if any of you would like to send a nice gift to a poor grad student- all the work has been done for you! ;) ha! okay, anyways- almost all the blogs i follow have these great inspiration boards and picture collages. so i thought i’d give it a try as well. but that of course meant that i had to figure out HOW to do them. so after much time spent researching and playing with different collage generators, i found that Google’s Picasa had a really simple “program”. i used Picasa for all my picture storing/simple editing before i got my mac, so i’ve had lots of experience with it- but not this part! i had lots of fun playing around with background images and playing with all these lovely things i found on anthro’s website. it’s really unfortunate that i’m a student and can’t afford a single thing on there. well maybe that cute little key bottle opener, but that’s about it!

(all images found at anthropologie and the super cute sandals found here)

so aside from being busy with school, i’ve also been busy playing with this instagram app on my phone. i talked about it a little bit in my last post, but i seriously love it! it has such great filters for pictures, especially for someone like me who doesn’t know the first thing about editing pictures/making them look cool… here are a couple recent shots:

pretty sweet, huh? instagram’s neat because it’s almost like facebook where people can post pictures and if you’re “following” them, the pictures show up in a feed. i’m only following 3 people (3 wonderful people, might i add), and they are the only one’s following me :) so if you’re an instagram user, let me know so i can “follow” you… yikes- that sounds so creepy!

anyways, enough of the anthro craziness and the instagram following…

in the midst of the insanity of school there is one thing that keeps me going. and that is HOPE. there is hope in finishing an assignment, getting through a week, the semester, landing an internship, and eventually hope in the completion of my master’s. there is hope because of a God that loves and forgives. a God that is greater and more powerful than anything else there is. and i am forever on my knees thanking God for the hope he gives me each day. it is truly what keeps me going.

via brightsidephotos

hold on to hope. may it bring you the strength to get through the day, the week, or whatever it may be. my prayer for you is this- “may the God of hope fill you, with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” — Romans 15:13


it’s december!

wow, it’s really here! i can’t believe we are now in the last month of 2010… what a year it’s been!

i wanted to start off with a planner update for the lovely month of december!

as i was drawing in more lines in my planner, my roommates were reminding me of how crazy i am to be hand-making this thing. and i have to agree with them. this project has been tedious, but it was something that i wanted to do and something that i am still determined to finish. although, i will admit- i have already decided what i’m going to do in NEXT year’s planner. and it does not require me hand-drawing lines :)

so, i also wanted to tell you that i finally bought some happytape!! it is beautiful and lovely and i am so excited to have it! i only bought a black set and a white set, because quite honestly i could not decide on what colors to get! i just want them all!! it’s bad. i also went to michael’s today and found some awesome stamps. all their stamps were 40% off and i stood in that aisle for a good 10-15 minutes. here’s a picture of the beautiful new things that i’m adding to my collection of art/craft supplies…

just an fyi- i’m pretty much obsessed with the mason jar stamp… i can’t wait to think of more things to create with it!

another great purchase- gift wrapping paper from anthropologie!

and next on my list…

i used the paper in my planner and also in my art journal. not sure if i’ll really use it to wrap gifts, but we’ll see! that time sure is getting closer! and as for the bakers’ twine- i have a number of ideas :) i think i’m going to have to get over to anthro this weekend…

well, my roommates and i are decorating our sweet little home on sunday. we are getting a REAL tree! and i know each one of us have some ideas of what we’d like to do. i will most definitely keep you all updated on that. that’s it for now!


update: thrift store desk

thank you for all your feedback on our house-projects! today, i’m very excited to share another completed one with you…

my desk!

it was quite a disaster when i first bought it. but with a bit of sanding, patching, drilling, super-gluing, painting, re-aligning, and a whole lot of dedication- it is finally finished! i decided against painting it white because i thought it was too boring. so i went with grey! at first it looked like a filing cabinet to me, but after a little more sanding and some anthro knobs, i think it looks pretty good! it is in no way perfect, but that’s the beauty of it…

the drawers took the most work. the beautiful handles that i bought did not quite fit the holes that were already on the drawers, so this is where the patching and drilling came into play. but it all worked out wonderfully and they came out great. after they were painted, i thought they looked too clean. so i sanded the frame around each of the drawers to make it look a little worn.

ta-daaaa! the finished product :) i’m very happy with the way it came out and couldn’t wait to start putting things away, so i got started immediately…

then really made it feel like my own space… i’m looking forward to putting more on this inspiration board and decorating the small part of the wall around my desk.

so, my desk is done. and now i need to find a chair. i have some paint that is the color of the knobs, so i’m thinking about painting the chair that color and getting a white seat cushion to put on it, but we’ll see :)

that’s it for now! got a few more things to share with you, so check back soon!

project: thrift store finds

hello all! we are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home and so far we are absolutely loving it! it is so nice to stretch our arms out and have some space! we have unpacked our art supplies and spent sometime releasing the creativity that has been stuck for the past few months. and with that creativity we have taken on a few projects that i wanted to share with you all! but first, check out our backyard- full of lots of great things from our new favorite store… home depot!!! :)

as far as projects go- here’s one of the first finished products! i bought two dining room chairs at the pasadena swap meet a few weekends ago. the awesome colors of the chairs inspired me to start painting the chairs that i already had. here’s a picture of our completed table, please disregard our (NOT cute) yellowish walls…

next up- my roommate, Hayley, bought an awesome coffee table for $15. we spent some time sanding off a name and other scratches that were engraved on the top of the table…

the almost finished product! Hayley and her boyfriend Matt did such a great job sanding the rest of the table. all it needs is some wood-stain and it will be finished! this is a piece of furniture that she’ll be able to keep for a LONG time! i know it will be beautiful.

next project- i bought a frame and a mirror at the thrift store. i wanted to make the frame in to a message board using the chalkboard paint and thought i could repaint the mirror to hang up next to our jewelry display…

here’s the finished chalkboard! and the list of things we still need to do :) but i’m so happy with the way it turned out! i painted the mirror, but didn’t like the color of it. hopefully i’ll get a chance to repaint it soon…

last but not least, my BIG project! i bought a kids desk for $7 at the thrift store. it was a pretty big mess- horribly dirty, full of garbage, knobs and handles missing, drawers that don’t open, funky flowers painted on a drawer… i’ll let you see for yourself:

i spent a few hours sanding the paint off and trying to even out some of the bumps and scrapes. here’s what it looks like now…

to make up for the $7 desk, i went to anthropologie and bought some AMAZING knobs and handles! i think they’re going to look awesome on the desk. check them out!

i’m in a bit of a dilemma because the handles don’t quite fit the distance between the holes in the drawers, but i’m going to try to make it work somehow. i think i’m too in love with the handles to give them up! my next step will be painting the desk… any suggestions on colors? my guess is that it will end up white, with a little vintage touch. i wanted to paint it an orange-y color, but i think that might be too much. i also thought about grey, but i’m not sure i like grey and gold against each other. and i would love to paint it yellow, but our walls have a hint of yellow and unfortunately that would not be a pretty combination. so, if you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!

we have taken on our fair share of projects! and i can’t wait until it’s all finished. but for now i’m going to continue enjoying this process of creating and making things new. i’d love to hear what you think! i know this is a crazy-long post, but i hope you like what we’ve done so far :)

i’ll leave you with one last picture… a project that will come in the distant future… our backyard garden…

man, i hope we’re here longer than a year :)

inspiration: chalkboard paint

my planner is a slow and steady process. i don’t want to do too much at once. so as i’m putting that aside for a little bit, i’m getting excited to create something with the oh so fabulous chalkboard paint. i’ve known about it for a while and have been so eager to use it for a project. sidenote: using chalkboard paint is one of the things on my summer to do list…

i have no clue what i will make with the paint, but here are a few images to give you some ideas of the endless possibilities:

via pour toujours

via NEGS26

via Beautiful Rescue

via christayayaya

via campsprinkel

via AJthePurple

via anthropologie

okay, i think you get the point. there are SO many crazy-awesome things you can do with chalkboard paint!! this week i’m helping my beautiful friend, Anna, make chalkboard signs that will direct guests to her wedding. i’m excited to get a chance to use this paint. and so stoked for Anna and Sam’s big day. it’s going to be nothing short of amazing… the wedding that is ;)

pictures to come! hope you’re feeling inspired!

sometimes i…

as i look back on pages i have created, i find that my art journals hold many of my dreams. it’s easy to get caught up in this fast-paced life and forget about the things that inspire us to grow and live differently. my journals hold me accountable to those dreams and inspirations. as i read old pages, i am reminded of things i want to do and challenge myself to live them out.

i have heard of people having dream journals and i guess you could say my art journal resembles that. it is a place to paint and write about these dreams, aspirations, and goals without any inhibitions. i did this page a while ago with the prompt “sometimes i…” . sabrina ward harrison is big on prompts and i have used many of them from her book the true and the questions. while pretty self-explanatory, the prompts help me to dig into a different part of my thought process and encourage me to write about something other than “today i went to class, picked my nose, and bought groceries. it was cool”. when someone talks about their journal, i normally imagine it as a place where one jots down their day to day and maybe some emotional feelings behind those events… this gets old to me. my day to day isn’t always very adventurous. so sometimes, i choose prompts to get my mind rolling.

i know my dreams are not always realistic, but there are ways of pursuing them to a certain degree. check it:

#1- while this blog is by no means a professional setting, it is a way of showing my art to “the world”. my lovely roommates and friends have been the spectators of my madness of a journal and have been so encouraging through this process. so even if i’m not publishing my art journals or painting pieces on canvas and selling them (i guess this what i consider professional), i am putting my art on a sort of public domain that is being shared with others.

#2- quitting school to travel the world just months before graduation would be a horrible idea. but i do get an itch to get out the U.S. and dive into another country. i am thankful to have had a number of beautiful opportunities to do so and i can’t wait for the next adventure. i’m thinking greece, japan, italy, india, austrailia… anyone wanna come?! anyone have frequent flier miles?  ; )

#3- well many of you know my secret, or maybe not so secret, obsession with anthropologie. i find inspiration in the fine details of the clothing, dazzling accessories, and in the uniqueness of each store’s layout. if you haven’t had a chance to check out an anthro store- find one or two or three. and go. walk through slowly and admire the beauty of it all. you’ll be amazed. i just know it!

so today, i challenge you to journal about your dreams. no matter how great or how little. little dreams can be made real and great dreams are great motivation. dive into that heart of yours and dig through the desires. paint, write, or make a collage about them and put it in a place where you can see it. let those dreams inspire you to live differently. i need to be reminded of this just as much as anyone. there are times i leave my dreams in the dust. but when i open up my journal to re-read these things, i have hope that one day i can make some of my dreams become my reality.

check out The Weepies for some sweet, reflective art music…

getting started…

finding a journal that you love is an important starting place. i tried journals with lines, without lines, spiral bound, leather journals, etc. after experimenting with many different types of journals, i found my match.

my journal match came from my favorite art journalist- sabrina ward harrison. not only is the outside beautiful and a masterpiece of her own- but the inside is filled with thick, white pages, without lines. i love that i can paint, use sharpie markers, and watercolors without worrying about the ink bleeding through or about there being too much water on the page. the beauty of the white, line-less pages is that you have this perfectly blank space to work with. i found the lines hard to cover up and difficult to incorporate into my art. the lines were distracting to me and created more frustration than anything else. this of course, is all about preference. if you plan on doing a lot of writing- go for the lines! but if you plan on sketching or painting, i say keep it clean. you can find sabrina ward harrison journals here.

creating art journals does not mean that you have to go out and buy a whole bunch of new supplies. i started with a simple set of acrylic paints, but have learned to appreciate the even simpler things. i love using markers and watercolor paints (a set i got for less than $5 at a craft store). sharpies are also wonderful, allowing you to journal over different colors and textures. but one of my favorite purchases was a white jelly roll pen (can you say jr. high?!). this allows me to write on dark surfaces and the words stand out beautifully. check this out…

look around you and find ways to use your resources. i thrive off of magazines and catalogs (especially anthropologie). these things inspire me and give me new ideas. and also remind me of the important things in life. the picture above reminded me that i need to take time to rest. as much as i love people and being around others, i have found the importance of creating a space for myself to relax and be rejuvenated…

i pray that you find that this week. if art is something new and scary to you, experiment a little. try using a colored marker in your journal instead of the same ol’ black pen. buy a cheap set of watercolors and be reminded of what it was like to paint as a kid without any inhibitions. engage the inner Creator in you and allow Him or Her to be released. we are daughters and sons of the Creator King. look up to that sun that’s been hiding and find joy in creating something new…