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it’s been a year!!

holy smokes. it has been a whole year since this blogging adventure has taken off! and i have to say, from day 1- i have had nothing but love, support, and encouragement. so thank you for all the great comments and feedback. my desire was for this to be a place where i could process through art journal pages and maybe inspire a few others along the way… but along the way, i have been inspired by so many others and this has turned into much more than art journal pages.

celebrate! via KikiLaRu on etsy

this past year has been one full of challenges and triumphs. celebrations and mourning. and growth. and change. and growth, again. but that’s what this adventure called life is all about, right? it’s not the easy life or the fun life, sometimes it just plain sucks. and somewhere along the line, each of us realize that. the dictionary describes an adventure as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. or even “the exploration of unknown territory”. as each step of life changes and continues, it is an adventure. it is unknown and unusual, yet exciting as we each experience what is new.

and while i continue to stand eye-to-eye with change and the unknown, a few things remain.

  • God’s faithfulness and promise to not give us more than we can handle (although at times it seems we are at our breaking point, He is ever present).
  • my family loving, caring, understanding, and sometimes silly family.
  • my beautiful and gracious roommates (check out my roommate’s blog here– it’s so great!).
  • amazing friendships that have lasted longer and grown deeper than i could have ever known.
  • and this great passion to create and appreciate all that is handmade.

so thank you, THANK YOU, thank you for support and encouragement along this journey. and here’s to another year of the adventure!