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in loving memory…

hello blog world! hope you are enjoying a lovely week. this week has been a BIG celebration for me personally as i finished an incredibly long and tiring semester! i am so excited to relax and have some time and space to breathe this summer. i thank God for carrying me through each day. without His strength, mercy, and grace- i don’t know how i would have made it. honestly.

today, i wanted to update you a little bit in regards to the brief words and song from the last post…

almost 2 weeks ago (Saturday, May 14th), a dear family friend, John Wright, passed away. John had been battling leukemia for about 10 months and after putting up a tough fight, he is now with God. John and his family were members at the church i grew up in. i watched all 4 of his children go through stages of our children’s ministry program as i volunteered each week. John was also the director of children’s ministry for a few years. he had a heart FULL of love and passion for kids of all ages, and people in general. there truly are no words to truly describe what an inspiring and caring man John was. even as he battled a horrible disease, he sent emails asking how he could pray for us, as he had more time then ever to lift others up. he was a hero to many as he lived and loved life with all that was in him. with his lovely wife Stacy and their 4 children (6-13 years old), the Wright family has made a huge impact on so many lives in our church community and the community where they live now in Colorado. John’s service was held this past Saturday, our church family skyped into it (don’t you love technology?!). i was told that there were over 750 people that gathered to celebrated John. what a testament to his life… John was laid back and casual, so everyone showed up to his service in shorts, flip-flops, and the color orange- 3 of his favorite things.

my heart aches for the loss of John and for his family. i wish so deeply that there was something i could do to help. or some magical fairy dust to just make everything better. but unfortunately, this grieving will be a process that each person must go through in their own time.  while we mourn the loss of one of earth’s greatest heroes and role models, we also rest in the comfort and strength of our God. and peace in knowing that John is in Heaven and no longer in pain.

with all of that said, my personal calling to Child Life has been more alive and real than ever. as all of this is very much a part of what i will be doing as a career, my heart just aches knowing how difficult this whole situation is. as this transition and adjustment is one of the biggest and most challenging, i want nothing more than to check-in with all 4 of the Wright kiddos everyday. but because of this distance and the pure fact that it’s a little unrealistic, i’m trying to use that desire and tugging on my heart to pray for the Wrights. i made this bracelet with orange beads to remember John and to keep praying for Stacy and the kids…

John’s love for orange came from something called the “Orange Strategy“, here’s what they think: “What if church leaders and parents synchronized their efforts to fuel wonder, discovery, and passion in the next generation?” By combining the critical influences of the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red) the Orange Strategy shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone.

pretty amazing, huh? orange also happens to be the color that represents Leukemia.

the color orange will forever remind us of John…

so i wear my orange bracelet proudly and prayerfully. and cover each hurting heart with this verse :

Jane Farr Calligraphy


crafty update…

i wanted to update you all on the crafty adventures of the last few weeks… i knew that mother’s day weekend/graduation weekend/birthday weekend was going to involve many, many creative projects. so here they are!

here’s the mother’s day card! it was so fun :) i’m loving the mini-clothes pins, trying to come up with more creative projects for them.

graduation festivities were a blast! so proud of our friend (and former roomie, pictured above) who completed her Master’s degree! and many other friends who graduated with their Bachelor’s- great, big CONGRATS! so proud of you all! Hayley and I, with some help from Kace- made this paper lei for Tiff. we had a blast making it and hoped that it would be something creative and different for her to have on her special day!

birthday cards for Kace and my dear friend Lauren. also made the little cake for Kace’s celebration. i truly enjoyed making a little something personal and colorful for each of them :)

last but not least, i spent a beautiful day in La Jolla with Lauren and our friend Lyndsey for her birthday. Lauren has been such a huge blessing in my life as a part of this program. through many tears, we had to say goodbye to each other as she is off to start an internship in Tennessee. she has been a loyal support and huge encouragement in school and in life. i am forever thankful that God brought us together through this program. while we are apart, i know that we will continue to be a support for each other through the next adventures in our lives…

well, that is all for the crafty updates!

life has been a little rough this past week. sometimes things happen that rock us to our core. we question and wonder all the “why’s” in the world. there will be a blog post on all of that at another time. but for now, i will leave you with this song that has been encouraging to me over the past few days. sorry for the corny video, haven’t quite figured out how to get just an audio track on here.

ever faithful, ever true. He will never let go…

martha stewart and mother’s day

is it obvious that i’m ready for summer break?! 3 posts in the past 7 days!! well, God has brought me through another week. one step closer to a summer of freedom :)  check out the skinny on all that here… i’m thankful for His unending mercy and grace as i can only take things one day at a time in this program.

this weekend i’m looking forward to lots of celebrating! graduates, moms, and birthdays- it’s going to be lots of fun! without much time for homework… so maybe this blog post is making up for the lack of time i’ll have next week.

so, mother’s day is just around the corner and i’m sure none of you are as behind as i am in card-making, gift-getting, and dinner planning ;) but just in case you ARE a little behind, there’s hope! yesterday i picked up this little gem, filled with some crafty ideas…

confession: i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Martha… she’s got some GREAT ideas, but she is WAY too perfect. some of her crafts and DIY stuff are ridiculously hard and they never turn out looking like hers. or her design team’s, rather… anyways, there were some mother’s day ideas in there:

this little newspaper is SO cute. maybe i could get by with doing one of these this year :)

coupon books were my go-to gift as a kid. my mom still tells me that “when i was a good daughter…”, i used to giver her coupon books for foot massages. she just recently found an old one that she’s taunting me with. mine, of course, never looked this professional- but still a great idea!

above images from Martha Stewart

okay. and this pop-up card?! RIDICULOUS. i would like to attempt this, but have a feeling that i would get frustrated and quit :) so we’ll see what happens when i make my card… probably later this morning!

all of that to say, Brett, a very good friend of mine, got together with some of his friends and made a mother’s day cards together… a card-making party?! why didn’t i think of that? these guys (and gals) are in a DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) program, and therefore brilliant! just can’t compete with those docs ;) well, these lovely friends made amazing mother’s day cards and i had the honor of receiving text message updates on the progress of the cards. i have to admit, i loved that they were all together, hand-making cards. and i was VERY impressed by all their card-making-skills! check them out!

here they are! should have gotten a group picture, but here’s the outside of the card created by Brett. please take note of the three-dimensional flower and the weaved basket, this is serious business. i honestly think i’ll be taking these things into consideration as i’m making my cards!

the inside of the card- aren’t you impressed?! (sidenote, not that guys can’t have artistic ability, because they ABSOLUTELY can- but this was made by a GUY! i think that his mom will absolutely appreciate his handmade thoughtfulness) here are a couple others:

with a true love and appreciation for all that is handmade, i think these cards are awesome. i love the thought and creativity that has gone into them. and love that they spent time together in the process. way to go guys! (and it’s lovely to meet you via blog if you’re reading!)

i think my roommate kace and i are going to work on a few cards today. with all the celebrating- it’s a busy card season! hope you found a little card-making inspiration today. and realize that it doesn’t take expensive, intricate craft materials to do so. plus handmade card/note/gift, is much more heartfelt- don’t you think? i’m definitely inspired and ready to break open the craft drawers. and maybe read a little bit of this in the meantime…

all the talk about moms, had to give my mom a little shout out: mom- i’m celebrating and thanking God for YOU this weekend. you have been a beautiful example of a Godly woman to me. thank you for your tireless hours of work and constant love, support, and encouragement to me, dad, and lauren. you are simply amazing! i love you!!

adore these apps!

2 posts in one week?! how could it be?

let’s just say, i’m procrastinating, stumbling upon new blogs, and need a break from doing homework :)

okay. i just wanted to rave about a few iPhone apps… because i can’t get enough of them!! here’s a run down of my top 5 current favorites:

1. Instagram– i’ve been talking about this one for a few weeks now. love the filters and the “following”. it’s a fun way to keep up with friends and create some fancy pics!

2. Diptic– used this app for my last post to display pictures in a group of four. Diptic has numerous layouts for your pictures. definitely convenient for blogging! :)

3. LabelBox- add fun text to your pictures with the varieties of labels. here’s another picture of the castle from my Disneyland trip last week… (used Instagram and then used LabelBox for this one!)

3. Cartolina– this creative app allows you to send text messages or emails with personalized messages. here’s one i sent to my parents as they celebrated 25 years of marriage today! woohoo!

5. RedStamp– i just found this app today in Matchbook Magazine. and i’m already in love! this one is similar to the one above, but there are SO many more options!

there are plain templates like this one… fill in your own message- then email, text, or share via facebook or twitter.

or you can choose a picture of your own and place it into a template, like so…

this second one was to my sister. she got a few of these today as i was playing with them :)

anyways, i am LOVING these five apps right now. thought i’d let you in on a few of my iPhone secrets/tricks/obsessions :) i hope you have as much fun with these as i am!!

happy May!