in loving memory…

hello blog world! hope you are enjoying a lovely week. this week has been a BIG celebration for me personally as i finished an incredibly long and tiring semester! i am so excited to relax and have some time and space to breathe this summer. i thank God for carrying me through each day. without His strength, mercy, and grace- i don’t know how i would have made it. honestly.

today, i wanted to update you a little bit in regards to the brief words and song from the last post…

almost 2 weeks ago (Saturday, May 14th), a dear family friend, John Wright, passed away. John had been battling leukemia for about 10 months and after putting up a tough fight, he is now with God. John and his family were members at the church i grew up in. i watched all 4 of his children go through stages of our children’s ministry program as i volunteered each week. John was also the director of children’s ministry for a few years. he had a heart FULL of love and passion for kids of all ages, and people in general. there truly are no words to truly describe what an inspiring and caring man John was. even as he battled a horrible disease, he sent emails asking how he could pray for us, as he had more time then ever to lift others up. he was a hero to many as he lived and loved life with all that was in him. with his lovely wife Stacy and their 4 children (6-13 years old), the Wright family has made a huge impact on so many lives in our church community and the community where they live now in Colorado. John’s service was held this past Saturday, our church family skyped into it (don’t you love technology?!). i was told that there were over 750 people that gathered to celebrated John. what a testament to his life… John was laid back and casual, so everyone showed up to his service in shorts, flip-flops, and the color orange- 3 of his favorite things.

my heart aches for the loss of John and for his family. i wish so deeply that there was something i could do to help. or some magical fairy dust to just make everything better. but unfortunately, this grieving will be a process that each person must go through in their own time.  while we mourn the loss of one of earth’s greatest heroes and role models, we also rest in the comfort and strength of our God. and peace in knowing that John is in Heaven and no longer in pain.

with all of that said, my personal calling to Child Life has been more alive and real than ever. as all of this is very much a part of what i will be doing as a career, my heart just aches knowing how difficult this whole situation is. as this transition and adjustment is one of the biggest and most challenging, i want nothing more than to check-in with all 4 of the Wright kiddos everyday. but because of this distance and the pure fact that it’s a little unrealistic, i’m trying to use that desire and tugging on my heart to pray for the Wrights. i made this bracelet with orange beads to remember John and to keep praying for Stacy and the kids…

John’s love for orange came from something called the “Orange Strategy“, here’s what they think: “What if church leaders and parents synchronized their efforts to fuel wonder, discovery, and passion in the next generation?” By combining the critical influences of the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red) the Orange Strategy shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone.

pretty amazing, huh? orange also happens to be the color that represents Leukemia.

the color orange will forever remind us of John…

so i wear my orange bracelet proudly and prayerfully. and cover each hurting heart with this verse :

Jane Farr Calligraphy


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3 responses to “in loving memory…

  • Lois

    John would be humbled by your words, would encourage you in your calling and honored to know that he had in some way touched your life.

    I am forever blessed by my church family. I grieve along with you, as well as sharing many incredible memories of our brother John.

    As John and his family has touched your life, so have you and your sister,mom and dad touch mine and my children’s.

    I love you, and I am blessed to be sharing this adventure called life with you, both in this world and in our heavenly home.

  • Mom

    I never cease to be amazed by how well you share your heart. You brought me to tears tonight.

    And Lois, right back at you my friend. Thank you


  • Stacy

    haven’t been able to read this until tonight. you have an amazing talent for writing your feelings and thoughts and adventures. Thank you for sharing with such sweet words and memories. We will forever have the memory of Disneyland and spending time with you and Lauren. That truly was a gift for our entire family. John and I were so proud of you girls especially after seeing and spending that time with you. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you both and believe me we’ll be right there with you.
    Love and prayers to you sweet friend,

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