for the love of forts

February has come in full force and it’s hard to believe it’s already half way over! this semester of grad school is proving to be a bit more challenging than the previous, but i guess that’s to be expected. i am still loving (almost) every minute of it and am so thankful to be a part of such a great program. each day i feel as if i receive confirmation that this is the right career and that it just doesn’t get much better. and i think that’s a good place to be :) another highlight of the past few weeks was going to the flower market with some dear friends. i got to pick up some of my favorite flowers (see below) and spend some time in Heaven on earth (aka- the LA Flower Market).

okay, moving on- i hope you all had a great valentines day! there were so many great DIY cards/gifts/wrapping on all the blogs i follow, it was hard not to get sucked into it. i feel as if there is so much emotion built up about that day, both good and/or bad. the past few years i have definitely brushed off this Hallmark holiday and tried not to gag over the excessive amounts of pink, hearts, and roses. but this year, my roommate Kelsey and i were inspired to do a little something out of the ordinary for valentines day. we saw this post on Design*Sponge (one of my all time favorite blogs) and started joking around about building a fort in our living room. but as we continued talking about it, we began to get more and more serious. and we decided that we were going to make it happen, i mean- what else were we going to do that night? so, the planning began- the set up, the decorations, the menu… we were going all out.

if there was one word to describe this fort, it would be: magical. with the lights and the heart garland and our handmade twine decor, this is the best “grown-up” fort. ever. okay, i might be a little biased- but really! i love this fort! mind you, it’s very large and takes up a lot of space in our living room. we’ve hung it from the ceiling with screw hooks, a tree branch, and twine. there are many reasons why it’s “not practical” to keep up in our home as i’m sure it’s some sort of fire hazard, but let’s be real- we only live once, no one’s here to tell us to take it down, and did i tell you it was magical?!

we had a BLAST setting it all up. we handmade various paper decorations and Kelsey was a baking CHAMP. she made egg-free cheesecake, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, and i can only take credit for trader joe’s bruschetta. we had an incredible group of ladies over and we drank wine, ate some tasty treats, watched Casablanca, and enjoyed each others company. the fort was big enough to fit all 12 of us and i think everyone would agree- it. was. truly. magical.

and needless to say, the fort’s staying up for a while. we love it too much to take down. walking down our stairs and seeing it warms my heart. and when i sit under it, i just can’t seem to leave. so now that valentines day is over, we’re just celebrating the love of forts. and all of our paper crafts. and leftover sweets :)

so now that the fort is complete, a most lovely valentines day has been celebrated, and it has all been blogged- it’s time for me to get back to reality. which is research, reading, and writing papers. thankfully i have this beautiful place to do all those things ;) now lets see if i can actually get something done…


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