christmas time is here!!!

i can’t believe that Christmas is 12 days away! WOW! i think this 85 degree weather is making it a little difficult to believe that it’s December… but i won’t be fooled, the joyous season has arrived!

i wanted to update you on our little house decorations :) i am so proud and honored to live with such creative women. our decorations were a collaboration of all our minds together and everything turned out beautifully! each one of us had a vision to do something and all of it combined together just makes our house that much more wonderful. we started out with a fun-filled “Christmas Day”, as we called it. we ran to errands to make sure we had all the necessary items to make our home feel like Christmas. this included purchasing a tree- just the four of us girls :) it was comical and overwhelming and amazing.

then, the decorating fun began!

our tree turned out so lovely. we wrapped it with lights, raffia, and wooden garland beads. we decorated with lots of ornaments we’ve collected over the past few months. one of my roommates created the most adorable ornaments with some chalkboard paint. and we had these little pearl things (i really don’t know how else to describe them!) that were part of a floral arrangement we received last year, so we placed those sporadically on the tree- i have to admit, it’s one of my favorite parts. our tree somehow got the name Piper and we all talk about how great he smells and how happy he makes our home.


okay, on to a couple crafts… i finally got a hold of some baker’s twine. and i love it! i wanted to make a banner similar to the one i made for thanksgiving. i had some extravagant plans for this banner with gold stamps and embossing- but in the CRAZINESS of the end of the semester i only managed to find a little time for this simple one. doesn’t mean i can’t spice it up later though!

i also was able to grab these cut off tree stumps when we got our tree. i’m still trying to figure out exactly what i want to do with them, but i think they look so neat!

i came up with this for now. they’re almost like little coasters :) and gotta love those mason jars! not 100% sure how i feel about the doilies and twine… i think i like them, but i’m wondering what they would look like with a few of the christmas tree stems or maybe some holly leaves? it’s safe to say i’m definitely still playing around with them :)

well, i am exhausted… these past few weeks have been so long and so busy. i will do my best to post again in the next week, my projects and ideas for the season aren’t quite finished. especially because there are still presents to wrap!! but for now, enjoy a peppermint mocha, Ella Fitzgerald’s Christmas cd, and some dancing Christmas lights! it’s a beautiful season :)


*next post… my latest crafting tool. or machine, rather :) stay tuned!


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