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well, this post deserves a shout out to Natalie and Martinique. these two lovely women pressured- i mean, inspired ;) me to write a blog about fall/harvest decorations. fall is my favorite season, i absolutely love the gentle change from summer into fall. the leaves changing, the weather cooling down, bringing out warm sweaters and boots, pumpkin flavors galore… what could be better?

as far as decorations go, i kept everything pretty simple. i didn’t spend a lot of money and unfortunately i didn’t have a lot of time either. but i am happy with what i was able to do… enjoy!

the first DIY: my beloved jars got a fall kick with some silk leaves and twine…

these aren’t any sort of special jars. they are from spaghetti sauce, salsa, and other foods that come in these great clear glass jars. after cleaning them really well, i tied these leaves around the jars with twine (or jute rather… not really sure what jute is- but it’s from home deopt and can be found all around our house). i put a candle on the inside and the light that shine through is glorious! i just bought cheap orange candles, but can you imagine how perfect a pumpkin spice candle would be?! here’s another picture:

my next project was a flag banner. i have wanted to make one of these for a while. this one turned out okay, it will be good enough for this purpose, but i think eventually i’d like to make one out of fabric…

here’s another little DIY instruction:

materials needed: paper, ink (for distressing), scissors, marker, hole punch, string

1. using desired paper, cut out triangular flags.

2. distress all edges of the triangles with the ink pad. brush the ink pad along the edges until you get the look you want. i distressed each of my flags quite a bit because i knew that i didn’t want to put anything else on the flags.

3. write your message! i wrote “give thanks” on mine so that i could leave them up until thanksgiving…

4. punch holes on the top corners. after punching one of the flags, i used it as a template for all the others.

5. string the string/twine/ribbon through each of the holes. you can decide whether you want the string to show in the front or if you want to hide the string in the back.

6. pin up your flag banner! :)

last simple DIY- decorate plain pillar candles with some fun paper! this adds some rich color, as well as gives you a piece of decor that is completely unique to you. decorate the candle with brads or multiple types of paper. the options are endless! just be careful when you light it ;)

check out our “mantle” that has been decorated in fall fashion…

found the little pumpkins and gourds at trader joes for $.69 each. and i spy more jute… i swear that stuff is everywhere! i love it. and those garden roses are from our front yard!! check out these little treasures i found this morning:

aren’t they amazing?! garden roses are so much better than those crazy ones that you buy at the store! okay, little tangent on the roses. but i just had to share. they were too pretty to pass up!

and that’s it for fall decor! hope you bring some of the beauty of fall into your home, room, or where ever it is that you spend your time. fall is such an incredible season, i can not wait until all the leaves start changing. anyways, i hope this brings some inspiration to you! happy fall :)

more pumpkins and fall art journal pages to come soon!!! stay tuned!


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