project: thrift store finds

hello all! we are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home and so far we are absolutely loving it! it is so nice to stretch our arms out and have some space! we have unpacked our art supplies and spent sometime releasing the creativity that has been stuck for the past few months. and with that creativity we have taken on a few projects that i wanted to share with you all! but first, check out our backyard- full of lots of great things from our new favorite store… home depot!!! :)

as far as projects go- here’s one of the first finished products! i bought two dining room chairs at the pasadena swap meet a few weekends ago. the awesome colors of the chairs inspired me to start painting the chairs that i already had. here’s a picture of our completed table, please disregard our (NOT cute) yellowish walls…

next up- my roommate, Hayley, bought an awesome coffee table for $15. we spent some time sanding off a name and other scratches that were engraved on the top of the table…

the almost finished product! Hayley and her boyfriend Matt did such a great job sanding the rest of the table. all it needs is some wood-stain and it will be finished! this is a piece of furniture that she’ll be able to keep for a LONG time! i know it will be beautiful.

next project- i bought a frame and a mirror at the thrift store. i wanted to make the frame in to a message board using the chalkboard paint and thought i could repaint the mirror to hang up next to our jewelry display…

here’s the finished chalkboard! and the list of things we still need to do :) but i’m so happy with the way it turned out! i painted the mirror, but didn’t like the color of it. hopefully i’ll get a chance to repaint it soon…

last but not least, my BIG project! i bought a kids desk for $7 at the thrift store. it was a pretty big mess- horribly dirty, full of garbage, knobs and handles missing, drawers that don’t open, funky flowers painted on a drawer… i’ll let you see for yourself:

i spent a few hours sanding the paint off and trying to even out some of the bumps and scrapes. here’s what it looks like now…

to make up for the $7 desk, i went to anthropologie and bought some AMAZING knobs and handles! i think they’re going to look awesome on the desk. check them out!

i’m in a bit of a dilemma because the handles don’t quite fit the distance between the holes in the drawers, but i’m going to try to make it work somehow. i think i’m too in love with the handles to give them up! my next step will be painting the desk… any suggestions on colors? my guess is that it will end up white, with a little vintage touch. i wanted to paint it an orange-y color, but i think that might be too much. i also thought about grey, but i’m not sure i like grey and gold against each other. and i would love to paint it yellow, but our walls have a hint of yellow and unfortunately that would not be a pretty combination. so, if you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!

we have taken on our fair share of projects! and i can’t wait until it’s all finished. but for now i’m going to continue enjoying this process of creating and making things new. i’d love to hear what you think! i know this is a crazy-long post, but i hope you like what we’ve done so far :)

i’ll leave you with one last picture… a project that will come in the distant future… our backyard garden…

man, i hope we’re here longer than a year :)


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10 responses to “project: thrift store finds

  • Your Father

    Great projects kiddo! I bet you could fill the holes on the drawers before you paint and drill new ones just below the old ones – just work just fine!

    Can’t wait to see the place!!!

    Much Love,

  • little sis-a-ter

    hey. wanna help me decorate my apartment? ;)

    but seriously….

  • meghan

    I had that little girl desk when I was… well a little girl. Its been passed down from me to Mel, the Marley. I’m pretty sure Marley just moved it out of her room to the front porch to make room for her new grown-up desk.

  • drumrgrl

    i’ve been wanting to make a chalkboard but still hadn’t decided on how i wanted to do it…i didn’t even think about buying a frame and painting the glass. thanks for a great idea! all of your projects look great =)

  • kkbishop

    dad- found the wood putty! gonna try it out tomorrow… keep you posted!

    sis- yes. i hope you got rich this summer :)

    megs- haha, marley put the desk on the front porch?! maybe someone drove it down here and i have it now :) i will think of you all as i sit at it.

    katie- frames at thrift stores are SO cheap! if you find an old one with a piece of wood on the back, that will be a lot easier to paint and write on instead of the glass :) or taking the glass out and cutting a piece of plywood to fit the frame works too. just suggestions! let me know how it goes!

  • David L

    I was going to reccomend the same thing as your dad. Fill with putty then re-sand it smooth.

    Also, I love the “cover mirrors” on the to-do list. P

    • kkbishop

      haha, pretty sad huh?
      we did successfully cover the mirrors in our room though! ceiling hooks, twine, and curtains did the trick! now we just have to paint the curtains :)

  • Kelsey

    I can’t wait to step into the creativeness!!! I’m so excited by all of the projects!!! I tell just about everyone that I have the coolest roommates ever… : )

  • Your Father

    Saw this today about “vintage” furniture finishing:

    CWPT ROCK!!!!


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