inspiration: mason jars

i’m not sure where this love for mason jars came from, but for some reason i can’t get enough of them. there is something so simplistic, yet stunning about them. and they can be used for so many different things! i browsed through some Flickr pages to find some jar inspiration and ideas…


i love the idea of using jars to hold different craft supplies… crayons, markers, paint brushes, buttons, and other embellishments. maybe one day i’ll have a huge craft room with mason jars full of all my goods… okay, i’ll keep dreaming.

Mackeson [away]

mason jars also make great cups! they seem so southern and sweet. i love big cups that hold lots of ice to keep my drink cool.  don’t you wish you were drinking lemonade out of that glass?


if the ranunculus weren’t enough in this picture, they’re in a mason jar on top two great suitcases. just about every flower (except for maybe roses, but those are so generic. or classy ? take your pick) looks good in a mason jar. but ranunculus and mason jars- perfect combo. think i might move here.


hanging mason jars look amazing! the way they shine at dusk is indescribable. i love that these jars in the picture have some twine wrapped around them. so pretty. so that dream house with the craft room- include these too. hanging above my wrap around porch… oh a girl can dream, right?

feeling crafty, but unsettled with out a place to call home. so this post will have to do for now…


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4 responses to “inspiration: mason jars

  • Your Father

    mason jars make good storage devices when you are livin out of your car…. jk!


  • Kenni-mom

    It’s dreams like these that can someday become a reality. I can’t wait to someday visit your beautiful home, with a wrap-around porch, and a terrific craft room, all filled with mason jars! Oh yeah, and a line of single bud vases in various sizes! What a perfect setting for iced tea & scrapbooking (for me) ;-)

  • Kelsey

    : ) I LOVE Mason Jars : ) I’m working on wiring and beading around candles right now, but I really want to do it around mason jars with candles in them too! They would be perfect hanging on our new front porch… what do you say? ; )

    Oh, and I think garden roses would be incredible in mason jars… maybe with a few peonies thrown in : )

  • kkbishop

    dad- not funny! ;)

    mom- you’re invited for iced tea and scrapbooking any day- wrap around porch and craft room or not :)

    kels- garden roses (which are growing outside of our *hopefully* soon-to-be-home!) would be great in mason jars. i can’t WAIT to see your candles! and can’t wait to see them in our new home!

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