planner update

well, i have been working on my planner and wanted to show you all the progress i’ve made :)

it’s coming along- slowly but surely. so far, i’m really happy with it. i am loving the handmade look and feel of the whole thing. drawing in all the lines has been a little tedious, but i knew that was going to be the worst part. creating the rest of it has been really fun! here’s a peek on my june pages:

my lines aren’t perfect, the measurements are uneven. and that was something i had to give up right away… this planner will not be perfect. this planner will not be perfect. i have to keep reminding myself of that. this is a fun project that will be special because of the time and creativity i put into it.

it’s hard to make all the months look different. i’m trying to space out how many pages i “decorate” at once. otherwise, they’ll all look the same!!! there’s not a whole lot to do in a 2 x 7 inch space! but i bought new paper yesterday and i’m really excited to use it! so hopefully the new paper will bring some new inspiration. here’s the july page:

i’m using different colors and different types of pens to write in it. that was one of my “OCD issues” in my last planner. i had a really hard time writing with a blue pen when the majority of my planner was written in black pen. so now i’m using ball point pens, gel pens, markers, and lots of colors! i have to make a confession- i’ve already marked all my internship days in red… my justification- it is the one consistent thing in my week! but i will have you know, i have used the red marker for other things in my planner aside from my internship :)

i know, i have some crazy obsessive issues- i’m trying to break them! i’m sure people that stumble upon this blog, or this post think i’m absolutely crazy. it makes me giggle a little to think about it. oh well! we’ve all got some issues, right?

hope you enjoyed the pictures! let me know what you think :)

ps- i’m having lots of fun with my new mac, can you tell?


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