gentle reminders

hello blog world… it’s been a while. school was pretty crazy for a while and i’m now home sweet home for spring break.

coming home always brings an array of emotions. joy and comfort of my parents and this bittersweetness of missing life at school, but enjoying the break away from it. then there are the memories that invade me and my room here, pictures and trophies, and just stuff from childhood and on… reminders of how life has changed, how it has grown, and how parts of it even remain the same. i need reminders like these to keep me motivated and encouraged.

i’ve always been a person that needs reminders. growing up my mom had to ask me to do something a number of times before it actually got done (still true), i write things in a planner to remind me of events and other things, i even keep old cards and notes of encouragement just so i can re-read them to be reminded of the love that i am surrounded by. it is so easy to get lost in the busyness of this world, that it’s difficult to remember how much someone loves you, let alone where you were supposed to meet a friend for coffee and the ten things you need to do after that.

reminders come in all different forms: abrupt reminders, reminders that are found after being sought out, and those that are gentle and contemplative. i’m focusing on the last for now… i think there will alway be something sweet about this house i grew up in. there are peaceful, calming, and grace-filled reminders surrounding and comforting me.

is there a place where you feel these things? a place that brings you peace and comfort? what gentle reminders do you need to hear in this moment?

as i am home this week, i am reminded of deep, deep friendships that have grown, changed, and remained over time. friendships that have not been easy, that have seen true tragedy and heartache, and that have seen redemption, grace, and love. i am also reminded of family that loves deeply within and stretches far beyond the walls of this house. this family that has loved and cared for individuals far and near, that brings others into our home and into our hearts, that sits around the dinner table belly-laughing at each others quirks and corny jokes. as i am here, i am reminded that i am blessed. i am loved.

thank you home for these much-needed, gentle, and beautiful reminders.


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i live for the Creator of the Universe and aim to honor Him in all that i do. as the contents of this blog space continually change with me, it remains to be a "outloud" journal for me to share my life with those that are near and dear to my heart. welcome to this adventure called life... View all posts by kkb

5 responses to “gentle reminders

  • Kenni-mom

    Ahh, Dad & I will sometimes ponder what kind of baggage have we given our children? But we could also ask what kind of treasures have we given them? We have been so blessed by those He has brought to us. Xoxo I love you

  • Janie Potter

    Your writing and artwork are memorable and refreshing~ I’m encouraged to ‘count my blessings’ because of this post. Thank you!

  • Megan Frew

    KB i needed to hear this…
    i m sitting at my kitchen table so emotion filled(i dont really know how to express those emotions yet) as this spring break 2010 comes to end.
    When we return to apu life as we know it is about to change forever. I m scared, i m excited, i m nervous, i m confused, i m anxious, and still trying to process what i m…but i know above all i m in a spirit of remencing.
    As i sat here procrastinating going to bed I thought to myself “do u know you always encourages me and has a word that i need to hear, kristen bishop!”and man o man i m thankful the Lord directed me here.
    Kristen I love you.
    College would not be college without you. I am blessed by you and your beautiful life.
    Thank You.

    • Kenni-Mom

      This is a response for both Kristen & the Frewster,

      I just smile when I think about how the two of you met just four short years ago. Weird how Kris Larmour kept mentioning you to us & how the two of you should meet. It is so funny how God orchestrates it all, isn’t it?

      Your friendship is one that is so easy, comfortable, encouraging, joy-filled. This is what we wish for, but seldom have. Megan, it feels like you have always been in Kristen’s life. The Bishop family is grateful for you.

      I can’t wait to see where God takes you both!

      • Megan Frew

        Kenni i love you guys so much more then you know!
        seriously i love how God is so gracious and blesses us with exactly who we need to get through and i FOR SURE could not have gotten through these past four years without my friend Kristen Bishop! Thanks for raising her wonderfully you are chip are amazing i love you all! you guys have constantly supported every dream and passion God has placed within me and listen to my stories and laughed at and with me! thanks for the gentle reminder of God gracious and caring love kenni!
        prayin for all you wonderful bishops!

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