baby steps

growing up we heard a lot about doing things smaller and slower… for example parents telling kids to take smaller bites at the dinner table and the numerous people (playground yard duty, swim coach, teachers, etc.) saying, “don’t run! walk.” then somewhere along the line we have to start sprinting just to keep up. and we are biting off as much as we can chew. what happened to taking baby steps and starting small? think about a child that’s learning how to walk. the child’s dad or mom is watching them carefully, with his or her arms out to catch the child just in case he or she falls. the child is unstable and looks as if he or she might fall over at any second. but sure enough, the child gets one foot out, then the next, and manages to start walking. it’s a process that may be slow, but mastery in walking allows for skipping, jumping, running, and dancing.

what would it be like if we lived taking baby steps? knowing that we will not always be stable, that it’s not easy, it takes practice, but yet the whole time- God’s arms are out ready to catch our fall with love and grace to help us back to our feet… i truly don’t think that we are supposed to live our lives taking one big leap after another. i believe that taking baby steps, putting one foot in front of the other, allows us to go through each day and each moment with an awareness of what’s going on in our own hearts, minds, and lives. having an awareness of myself and what’s going on in my life challenges me to “belong to myself” and to seek the truth in me. these baby steps and challenges throughout my life has created who i am as an individual.

i am not perfect. i am constantly reminded that life’s not easy, that i will fall, and that i am supported by God and by those close to me. but i also know that taking things slowly is making me think, analyze, and learn about myself. i know that taking the time to do these things will allow me to live a better life. a life that is okay with falling and getting back up with grace and love. a life that is stable and secure in the God that lives in me. and a life that is made up of testimonies that give me the strength to skip, jump, and dance.


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i live for the Creator of the Universe and aim to honor Him in all that i do. as the contents of this blog space continually change with me, it remains to be a "outloud" journal for me to share my life with those that are near and dear to my heart. welcome to this adventure called life... View all posts by kkb

One response to “baby steps

  • Kenni-Mom

    Baby steps… yes, but at warp speed. If only we were back 19 or 20 years when you were just learning how to walk. Where did the time go? If I could win the Lotto, I’d buy a time machine to take me back, back to a time when my baby girl would respond with a soft, but high pitched “I know” to strangers telling her just how cute she was.

    I love you KB, mom

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