perfect moments

i love a lot of things in life. but there are three things that i especially love: wine. cooking. and art.

i’m not quite sure where this love for wine came from, maybe it runs in my bishop blood. but there’s something about the rich flavors of a merlot or pinot noir that i just can’t get over. the combination of flavors and that little bite at the end of a sip are simply delicious. it is so relaxing to be able to end a long day with a nice glass of wine. don’t worry mom and dad, this doesn’t happen too often ;). but i’ve been twenty-one for a few months and wanted to make sure that i documented the first bottle of wine i bought. so here it is :)

now on to cooking. this i know for sure– cooking tasty food runs in my blood. my grandma is a wonderful cook, a petite japanese woman who makes the meanest mexican food on the planet. my grandma sally was quite the baker. i hear about all these decadent desserts she used to make and i only dream of her texas sheet cake. and there’s no cookin’ like mom’s home cooking. she makes some of my absolute favorites, something only a mom can do. and my dad. well he’s pretty much a professional chef. he knows just how to spice things up. i think i get my true passion for cooking from him. something therapeutic about cranking up some music, throwing a towel over your shoulder, and cooking up something grand.

and last but definitely not least, there’s art. i think you have started to figure out how much i love art. it’s the idea of creating and expressing (things that i also enjoy about cooking). it’s the involvement of my senses- the sound of ripping paper, seeing the colors and designs of paper, and feeling the textures of the paints. i love looking back through to see just what i’ve created. each page turns out so different than what i expected at the start, but yet somehow it turns into some sort of masterpiece.

i know that my life is far from perfect and i have found it necessary for me to discover what i, alone, enjoy.  i will be, no. i am confident and sure of what i like to do. in how i spend my free time. in what i find enjoyable. there are things in life that i like to do by myself. and that’s okay. i have always been a person that believes i “thrive off others”. don’t get me wrong. i love spending time people, i love learning about others, heck- i just love talking (ask my parents, they’ve got great stories). but i’m also finding joy in spending time alone. this is definitely a new thing for me. but i am learning that being alone is okay. and it’s actually quite refreshing.

learning gives me time to start recognizing and realizing. i have come to realize that while this life and it’s events can be imperfect, perfect moments can be created with what we love. for me, perfect moments are created with red wine, cooking a great meal, and sitting down to do some art. perfect moments can occur with more than just these three things, but spending time alone and doing these things have brought great joy recently. i want to encourage you to find what it is what you enjoy doing by yourself. other people bring refreshment, but how do you refresh your own soul? i hope you take some time and do something that you absolutely love to do. and do it for yourself. for the plain goodness of your soul. create your perfect moment in this crazy, imperfect life and enjoy.


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i live for the Creator of the Universe and aim to honor Him in all that i do. as the contents of this blog space continually change with me, it remains to be a "outloud" journal for me to share my life with those that are near and dear to my heart. welcome to this adventure called life... View all posts by kkb

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