all this beauty

i’ve learned a lot about myself during these college years, one of those things being- i LOVE fresh flowers. i know that some people think they’re a waste of money because they die after a few days, but i cannot get over their beauty and femininity. this morning i had the privilege of going to the LA Flower Market with two of my lovely roommates, see below :) the three of us embarked on a journey to downtown LA, hunting for joy that could be found at the flower market and in each other. not long after our journey began, we entered heaven. or i guess you might describe it as a warehouse full of every type of flower you could imagine. we walked up and down isles, overwhelmed by what we could create.

after spending a few hours walking around, we made our purchases (mums, wax fillers, curly willows, gerbera daisies, orchids, and ranunculus to be exact). we walked back to the car filled with satisfaction- we set aside time to not only spend time together, but to also take care of ourselves by experiencing beauty that captivates our souls.

kaycie's lovely mums

my long awaited ranunculus

i believe that beauty was created for us to enjoy. and what is beauty? great question. i spent a period of my life trying to figure out what it was- what it meant, if it was something that i could posses, if it was fleeting, if it was concrete… and i came to realize that i wasn’t going to find a solid answer. beauty seemed too great for me to understand.

beauty appears in so many forms and means something different to each individual. over time i discovered that i get a flutter in my heart when i find something to be beautiful. this flutter comes when i look at the flowers i just bought, when i see an old man and his wife holding hands, when quality time is spent with the ones i love, when i look to the place where the ocean and the sky meet- i could go on and on. to me, beauty is something i feel in my soul. when beauty is found, i find myself thanking and praising God for His or Her creativity and love.

so now i encourage you to seek beauty in your own life. it is found in the things you love, that make your heart dance. beautiful things in life will inspire you. be surrounded and let beauty sink into the depths of your soul…


About kkb

i live for the Creator of the Universe and aim to honor Him in all that i do. as the contents of this blog space continually change with me, it remains to be a "outloud" journal for me to share my life with those that are near and dear to my heart. welcome to this adventure called life... View all posts by kkb

5 responses to “all this beauty

  • Megan Frew

    kb….this brought tears to my eyes! =) i love you! =) you are truly a beautiful woman of God that i love and appreciate! =)

  • Kenni-mom

    Beautiful pics, beautiful words, beautiful girls! I love getting a glimpse of your mind & heart. But I do have to say…if there’s too much change in your life, why don’t you just come home for awhile? We can pretend that you are still 16 and that nothing changes. Huh? Huh? How about it? No? Okay, I didn’t think you’d fall for it. Just know that we love you & how proud we are of you.

    Infinite X’s & O’s, Mom

  • David

    Oh Kristen,
    Was it your goal to make someone smile every time they read a new blog entry of yours?
    If so, I’ll tell you were you’ve succeeded: with THIS GUY.

    You truly are wonderful, and I love getting a glimpse into your heart.

  • Kaycie

    i adore you. and your insight. and the beauty you create. and the words you find to articulate something that is so beyond a few thoughts to put down.

    i’m glad we got to create and play together.
    i am reminded of beauty when i look at you. and the truths you so deeply believe in.

    love you kb

  • Casey

    How i Love you.

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